Salsa NY *

Salsa NY Salsa New York style – partnerwork*

Salsa New York style (often called Mambo) is one of the linear, “on 2” salsa styles and has been reintroduced to the salsa scene by the legendary dancer, instructor and performer – Eddie Torres. This style has spread around the world and is now one of the most trendy salsa styles in Europe. Salsa is a social dance that was gaining its popularity in Europe from early 90’s. The wonderful aspect of salsa dancing is that once having leant the rules, one can dance with any other salsa dancer in the world! In addition, one can invent and introduce his own steps, moves and patterns. Salsa, meaning “sauce” in Spanish, is a mixture of different dance styles, and so it combines some African, Cuban, Jazz or even ballet elements. Therefore, everyone will find something interesting in it.

Curious enough? Come on board and try yourself!

* This course is a partnerwork course, but there is no need to subscribe with a partner – you will find a partner to dance with onsite.

Contact: Maria Szumielewicz,


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